La photographie contemplative

André Kertész, Martinique, 1971

The practice of Contemplative Photography
Seeing the world with fresh eyes
Andy Karr and Michael Wood
Shambhala, 2011

Tao of Photography
Seing beyond seeing
Philippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro
Ten Speed Press, 2001

Burk Uzzle, Winter park, 1960

Mise en bouche

"When subject matter is forced to fit into preconceived patterns, there can be no freshness of vision. Following rules of composition can only lead to a tedious repetition of pictorila clichés."

Edward Weston

"The best way to go into unknown territory is to go in ignorant"

Dorothea Lange

Éléments visuels de la photographie contemplative

Contraste des couleurs
Formes géométriques
Simplification du contenu
Jeux d'ombre
Jeux de reflets

L'influence de l'art asiatique

Dong Hong-Oai / Long Chin San  / Le symbolisme en photographie

Revoir la photographie minimaliste


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