Marie Chouinard

Exert from Dancer and choreographer Marie Chouinard Biography

Entering the studio, knowing nothing but to be with ones breathing, body and its organization in space

Everything starts from here

Knowing nothing and absolutely loving it

Being, it’s as simple as that, begin and suddenly there is a second position, followed by another and another

Then a flow

Have confidence, know nothing nor understand anything, yet with mind alert at every moment, capture the history of humanity through every angle of two bones, without understanding, informing oneself primordially, training oneself, shaping what follows with consequence

Then when everything is almost there, obey it, serve it, encourage it to reveal more of tis light

Marie Chouinard, from her book 'Dance Company' 2010

This feeling and creative spirit applies to photography just as well. I find this book and Marie's career truly inspiring.


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