"La Foule Illuminée" par Raymond Mason, Rue McGill College

The glass skyscrapers tower above the Illuminated Crowd sculpture along McGill College Avenue in the downtown area of Montreal City, Quebec.

Along McGill College Avenue in Montreal City in Quebec, Canada, the Illuminated Crowd sculpture stands at the base of the BNP Tower-Laurentian Bank Tower. This unique piece of art was created by Raymond Mason and has stood at the entrance to these glass skyscrapers since 1985.

Each face on this group of 66 people making up the Illuminated Crowd sculpture have their own personalized facial expressions. A variety of messages are passed through this sculpture, some which involve truth, others comedy and some which show a very real sense of tragedy. The faces on the figures at the front of the Illuminated Crowd are filled with joy and amazement, the middle portion of the crowd have people talking amongst each other and the last part of the group have good and bad emotions coming from their expressions.

Urbanity on flickr


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