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Anticafé, discussion du 9 février 2017

Compétitions mondiales de photographies captés sur téléphones intelligents

Discussion basée sur les critères de qualification de photo discuté au cours des sessions antérieures.

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IPP Awards 2016 Winning Photographs

Siyuan Niu

Xinjiang, China
Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year
Man and the Eagle
“The brave and wise Khalkhas live along the mountains in the south of Xinjiang and are companions with the eagles. They regard eagles as their children and train them for many years to hunt. This 70 year old man is rigid and solemn in front of family and friends, but when he is with his beloved eagle, the corner of his mouth would curve up. When the eagles reach mating age, although he is very reluctant, the man releases the eagles back into nature so that they can thrive. A mild heart and exquisite love are covered by his weather-beaten face. He is a tough man with a tender heart.”

Robin Robertis

Carlsbad CA, United States
2nd Place, Photographer of the Year
She Bends with the Wind
“I was on a iPhone workshop and reunion with a friend and teacher in Cape Cod. We all went out to photograph the the perfect sunset. I tend to bring a few things when I travel, one being this wonderful red umbrella. When others shoot the sunsets and beautiful scenery, I like to photograph some human aspects in these scenes.”

Carolyn Mara Borlenghi

Coral Gables FL, United States
3rd Place, Photographer of the Year
“This image was taken as part of a series I did for instagram’s #WHPwonderland. Each weekend when the hashtag project comes out I try to come up with an idea and this particular weekend, the weekend before Christmas, was wonderland. For this one I went on a little adventure with my son to the beach and we wore the reindeer masks.”


IPP Awards 2015 Winning Photographs

Yvonne Lu 

3rd Place, Photographer of the Year 2015

Michal Koralewski

1st Place, Photographer of the Year 2015

David Craik

2nd Place, Photographer of the Year 2015

The MPA Mobile Photographer of the Year 2015

Jiang Wang, MPA Mobile Photographer of the year

The China Red


Journey of Light

Red Door

When we look for a Grand Prize Winner we gravitate toward an artist with a strong sense of their own photographic strengths, someone who expresses those strengths with clarity and conviction. Jian Wang has an eye for pattern and a talent for placing humanity in context with the designs he finds everywhere, all around us. From architecture to landscapes to street photography, the vision is consistent, the same photographer with the same internal aesthetic. Working with his iPhone 6Plus, Jian raises the mobile photography bar for technical excellence, compositional skills, and storytelling. Really exciting work.” Daniel Berman Founder MPA

“Jian Wang is a photographer who knows how to merge the elements of composition, light and geometry to create a truly special collection of images. We see very strong use of geometric lines and found patterns in the compositions, always in the service of the image and never gratuitous. I also appreciate the way solitary figures are positioned in the shafts of light, often surrounded by heavy contrasts of shadow and darkness. My favourite is THE BRIDGE. The way the umbrellas split the photo in half diagonally and how the figure above them is framed in the light. Beautiful and very clever.” Andy Butler Editor Mobiography Magazine


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